An update

Where do I start?

With a picture of Elouise of course.


“Go Tech!!”

We had a wonderful holiday season. Lots and lots of good food and quality family time with almost every Marcum and Moffett! While we were thankful for the downtime, we are now in the home stretch for our son’s arrival and our hopeful departure to Spain in the fall of 2017.

We have some pretty exciting goals set to be 50-70% funded before Luke’s arrival in late march.

While that sounds terrifying, it is also totally possible. We have been so blessed by the meetings we have already had and have a list of people to contact in the next two months.

I honestly thought I would hate, hate, hate this part of the process. I am not a presenter, I prefer to just sit down and have a cup of coffee with friends and share our heart, and thats kind of how it has happened. I get the jitters for an hour before our meeting, but once we sit down and start the meeting and they are gone. We get to just share about how excited we are to work with the team we get to work with, in the place we feel so passionately about, and get to share that with people.

So by the end of the meeting I’m squirming in my seat with a new excitement for our mission and passion about our plans! It has been a serious blessing from The Lord!


Our future town, Antequera.

We are continuing to mark things off of our 7 page “to do” list for TMS Global. Which is obviously the most satisfying feeling ever. This fall we completed a semester long course on missions called Perspectives, which was really amazing.  And now we are starting on our 20 books that need to be read before we leave in the fall. YIKES!!

We also have two different trainings to attend before we are ready to launch. The first will be 2.5 weeks in India, in July, with a 3 month old and a nearly 2 year old… so feel free to begin praying for that trip! We will learn all kinds of things from TMS staff and missionaries, Indian missiologists and church leaders. Lessons include cross-cultural challenges, discipleship, spiritual conflict, core ministry strategies, preparedness, the Insider movement, cell group ministry, mission shock, the theology of mission, spiritual warfare, and prayer.



picture from a previous training in India!

Then we will also attend a 3 week training in Colorado right before we plan to leave which will help us get ready to go on the mission field with new tools and for ministry, language learning, adjusting to a new culture, understanding how to learn a new language, preparation for personal vitality and healthy relationships.

So to wrap things up, its going to be a really really crazy year. New baby, multiple international trips + trainings, and support raising.


We are choosing to be excited and thankful for this crazy season of our lives.

We are so excited to share about TMS Global, Spain, and what we will be doing with them!

We could obviously use your prayers during all of this transition, but we are excited and so hopeful about it all and wouldn’t be able to do this without friends/family/support systems like y’all! If you are interested in hearing our presentation and learning more about our mission send us an email at You can also sign up for our e-mail newsletter at the top of this page.






Baby Marcum #2 joins us in late March! We will find out the gender on 11/11 and are looking forward to not calling him/her It anymore! Please pray for our little babe: that he/she would grow strong and healthy for the next 6 months and that mama would have a smooth rest of the pregnancy! IMG_6822.JPG